Granton Marina: community scepticism follows public meeting

Developers of the £500 million Edinburgh Marina at Granton say the project will create much-needed social housing and will provide 400 jobs in the first phase alone, but local people expressed concerns at a public meeting organised by community councils this week.

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Farcical game of monopoly played out tonight re #GrantonMarina. When asked what process led to the selection of architect, owner Kevin Fawcett said, “Years of experience”🤦🏻‍♀️#Trump. He also said, “Of all the meetings I’ve ever done this was by far & away the most ridiculous” #communityengagement

Wardie Bay Beachwatch

Granton Marina public meeting at Granton Church was packed . General scepticism about reality of what was put before meeting only matched by developer lambasting Edinburgh Council planners . Work to be done to make this work for the community .

Leith councillor Gordon Munro

Ross McEwan (Granton Improvement Society)

When is everyone going to realise when any of this is left to either developers with only capitalist greed agenda or planners with capital greed agenda too it will always be crap. What we need is real community led plans. But that can only happen when the land belongs to us only.

Community Action North (CAN):

Thanks to Granton and District Community Council for hosting the presentation of the plans for the Granton Harbour and Marina development. Over 100 local people there making their views known. Community Action North has started working with local groups and community councils, with support from Planning Democracy, to create a strong network of residents. Watch this space.

Mizan Rahman, secretary of Granton & District Community Council, organised the public meeting with the support of neighbouring Community Councils. He said: “We thought it was important that local people had an opportunity to hear what is being proposed in Granton. The meeting generated a lot of local interest, so much so that we had to change the venue from Royston Wardieburn to Granton Parish Church to accommodate the extra people.

“More than one hundred people registered to attend and there was also a waiting list so it shows the level of interest.

“Not all the questions were answered, as usual, but it was a good discussion and there will be more events like this.”

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  1. Aye we have been promised this for years great plans but not carried. We were told years ago we would have the waterfront like Barcelona2 promised an outdoor swimming pool daft idea when we have mostly rain in summer . Seeing is believing . Shafted in the plans we have had 3 different plans to no avail. Been promised jobs and social housing Why do I think this is all pie in the sky. Community council do not represent our community they are would be councillors /politicians

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