Horsemeat traces found in local school kitchens


Edinburgh reporter and photographer

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  1. Eileen Carr says:

    Cathy Fullerton is absolutely right in saying there is no risk in consuming horse meat – lots of people in Europe and other countries do………..but there is a risk in consuming meat that you don’t know how it’s been medicated, raised, killed, stored, transported and cooked – also how did it sneak into our school food supplies disguised as pork/beef? Don’t hide behind the ‘horse meat is safe to eat’ platitude when the problem of horse meat in our food supplies is linked to non traceable origins allegedly linked to non British gangs motivated by profit and not concerned with food hygiene, health and safety or animal welfare – this is the tip of a growing problem and can’t just be brushed aside with soothing words and platitudes by people who should know better – take note Cathy! Also – just to finish …….if tons of horse meat can be smuggled in what else is coming through?

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