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Letter: Will you take The Pledge?

To the Editor, There are few of us young or old who are not at least vaguely familiar with the famous recruitment poster from 1914 in which a demonstrative and glaring Lord Kitchener points right at us and proclaims that he and our country “needs you”.

Happy birthday, Tony!

A very happy birthday to Tony Delahoy, who celebrates his 95th birthday today.  Normandy veteran Tony, who received France’s top honour, l’ Ordre National de la Légion d’honneur, in 2015, has kept the NEN...

Letter: Cuts, cuts, cuts

Dear Editor The continuing cuts in public services of all kinds are taking a dreadful toll on communities throughout the UK, undoing decades of struggle to put them in place. The continuing fall in...

Letters: Lonely this Christmas

Dear Editor Many people with the chronic, neurological condition M.E. tell us they feel very lonely and isolated at this time of year, particularly those who live alone with no family or friends to...

Letters: Tears

Dear Editor My tears are for all children, women and man who are suffering extreme poverty and starvation My tears are for all animals, birds and wildlife My tears are because of all the...

Letters: Brutal capitalism = devastation

Letters: Brutal capitalism = devastation

Dear Editor Individuals and organisations of investors manipulate the economy to create maximum profits for themselves, closing down those places of work not profitable enough – regardless of the devastation caused to people’s lives.