Letters: Unity is strength


Edinburgh reporter and photographer

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  1. If unity is strength and is the answer to the change that is needed then why has Scotland, by being part of the United Kingdom, just been dragged out of the European Union despite voting overwhelmingly to stay.

    On the eve of our referendum in 2014 Better Together broke the Edinburgh Agreement by promising major change to Scotland’s relationship with the rest of the UK. Indeed normal programming was interrupted by the BBC to bring a speech live from Gordon Brown stating that if Scots voted No then the leaders of the Unionist parties would deliver a system “as close to federalism as possible” where one partner is 10 times the size of the other.

    What was actually delivered was some side-line tinkering. Not the dynamic change the Scottish Parliament needs to challenge the dreadful policies of the Tories. What was actually delivered was EVEL – which has led to Scottish MPs having no say in what England spends it’s money on. Scotland’s budget through the Barnet Formula is calculated based on what England spends it’s money on and partially on a population basis. Scottish MPs have no say in that anymore. Our budget is entirely at the whim of Westminster. The Scottish Affairs Committees at Westminster are now composed overwhelming of unionist politicians when discussing Scotland forcing the SNP to a small minority. Add to this the fact that no MP representing a Scottish seat can ever again become PM.

    How is this Unity the answer to the change that is needed for ordinary people? Why are our concerns any different to those around Europe? Why should our politics stop by comparing ourselves constantly to people in England? Why should Scotland for entire generations be represented by Tory Governments at Westminster we didn’t vote for? Remember also that a whole raft of powers that are currently devolved via the EU are about to go to Westminster. They have stated that next to none of those powers will be re-devolved.

    Unity is a good thing – but not when you don’t have a say in that relationship. And Scotland doesn’t have that. It is being marginalised for daring to hold a referendum and continue to vote SNP. Once we are out of the EU Westminster will hold Scotland in a vice like grip. I don’t think they will ever again authorise a referendum and Scotland if it want’s one will have to go down the Catalonia route – and we can all see how that is going currently.

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