Side by Side? Labour councillors to host community event


Edinburgh reporter and photographer

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  1. R Campbell says:

    We already know what Labour have to say about this: attack and blame the SNP while saying that they should use their powers to raise Council Tax and general taxes to pay for local services. Meanwhile a £700 million contract has just been awarded to a private healthcare company in England for providing community healthcare. Scotland’s budget is determined by what England spends it’s money on. So if it allocates less money to the English NHS then there is a knock on effect to the Scottish Block Grant. So as the NHS is slowly privatised in England so our ability to provide publically funded services decreases. Yet Labour in Scotland will never mention this – they will just attack the SNP and tell them to raise tax. With EVEL our MPs now have no say in how England spends it’s money which in turn determines our budget. Local services might be at breaking point but we already pay taxes to cover these services. Why should we pay more? Why should our budgets be decreasing just because Westminster want to privatise services? Incidentally most of the millionaire Tories who are privatising the services have personal interests in private healthcare companies. Again Labour say nothing. They accuse the SNP of grudge and grievance. I think the SNP are performing miracles under the circumstances. The last Labour/Lib Dem coalition built a grand total of 6 Council Houses when in power. They sent £1 billion of the Scottish Block Grant back to Westminster because they didn’t know what to spend it on. While events like these are welcome from what I have heard from the Labour leadership I very much doubt they are going to be objective enough to talk about the big picture and criticise the real people who are calling the shots. It should not be just as simple as shouting ‘increase taxes across the board’.

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