Big Kitchen food idea grows in Pilton

Wednesday follow up meeting to tackle local food poverty

Pilton Central Association recently held a very successful community meeting to discuss our response to the horrific figures on food poverty released by the Scottish Government, church groups, the Trussel Trust and the Red Cross.

The initiative of creating what has become known as the Big Kitchen restaurant/ cafe and the distribution system of food on sufficient scale to local people was endorsed. Over 40 representatives of local people, community gardeners, food banks, community centre representatives, Councillors and others agreed to pursue and make this a reality.

An open follow up meeting will take place

tomorrow at 1pm West Pilton Neighbourhood Centre

to discuss the location of such a kitchen, it’s funding and the building of a community garden that would supply the Big Kitchen with fresh produce. All welcome.
Willie Black



Edinburgh reporter and photographer

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  1. fantastic idea the big kitchen doesn’t just have to used to cook garden produce either it can be used to help teach locals how to cook really good cheap food from scratch if they don’t know how to, as well as a huge amount of other opportunities it will give the people who use it.

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